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Jasper Global Corporation Strategic Partnership Relationship Proposal

When you apply we will assess your application and ask for any additional information we may require and, subject to approval, you will be assigned to one of the following categories:

  • Registered
  • Approved (there are two forms of approval “Conditional Approval” and “Unconditional Approval”)

Partner Relationship Application

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Financial Information

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Company / Organisation Operations

What is the company / organisation's mission statement: *
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How does the company / organisation operate?: *
Within which sectors does the company / organisation operate?: *
What are the company / organisations geographical areas of operation: *
Does the company / organisation have any quality marks? If so please state the mark and date achieved: *
What educationala accreditations does the company / organisation hold? If so, please state the accreditation and date achieved: *
What products does the company / organisation use in its delivery?: *
How does the company / organisation market themselves?: *

Relationship with Jasper Global Corporation

What synergy does the company / organisation see between tmselves and Jasper Global Corporation?: *
What can the company / organisation bring to a partnership with Jasper Global Corporation?: *
How does the company / organisation see a partnership working between themselves and Jasper Global Corporation?: *
How has the company / organisation worked with partners in the past? Please describe the relationship: *

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