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What is a Jasper International Academy Approved Learning Centre?

A Jasper International Academy Approved Learning Centre is an organisation accredited and approved by Jasper International Academy to delivery its products and services under a Memorandum of Understanding and Licensing Agreement.

Why do Centres Need to be Approved?

The Jasper International Academy is ISO9001 and European Foundation for Quality Management approved and in educational terms, subscribes and follows the European Qualifications Framework,  provides its own Certificates and Foundation Awards all of which means that any organisations that partner with the Academy in any capacity will need to comply with the quality approval processes we are required to put in place in order to maintain our own quality accreditation(s).

What are the benefits of becoming a Jasper International Academy Approved Centre?

  • Provides you with a framework for measuring your own quality in a structured way.
  • Provides you with an external international benchmark against which you can measure your own quality.
  • Provides you with the opportunity to apply for quality accreditation in your own country.

What are the Requirements for Accreditation?

Accreditation to deliver, under licence, the Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation) suite of qualifications and courses will need to incorporate Jasper’s Quality Framework which includes and is based upon ISO 9001: 2008, the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) principles and processes which incorporate best practice from internationally recognised Accreditation and Awarding Bodies.

Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation) Quality Statement:

Setting high standards and having quality assurance procedures which cover every aspect of the organisation’s work and are rigorously applied and continuously reviewed;

  • Ensuring the quality assurance arrangements are understood and supported by the members of the program teams and that these arrangements meet the requirements of examining, awarding and validating bodies and partners;
  • Deploying physical, financial and human resources to their maximum advantage in order to create optimum conditions for the facilitation and promotion of learning
  • Identifying and using performance indicators that measure the quality of the provision and help to ensure that resources are optimally deployed;
  • Asking current and potential candidates, employers and other stakeholders for their feedback in order to consistently improve educational provision;
  • Ensuring a robust system that are open and responsive to all for receiving, investigating and responding to complaints;
  • Establishing mechanisms for the regular and rigorous self-assessment of the organisation’s performance with a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • The Quality Framework is learner experience driven through the process of design and build, program pilot, learner feedback, program review, rollout of delivery and continuous improvement loop feedback.

Quality Loop:


How does the Quality loop work?

Quality is maintained through four primary processes:

  • Selection and accreditation of organisations or individuals who are licenced to deliver Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation) content or deliver their own content on behalf of Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation). Content is continuously reviewed to ensure it is up to date, relevant and meets quality standards.
  • A quality maintenance process that measures success by candidate and sponsor feedback through survey and direct contact with clients.
  • An accreditation support system that moderates delivery through site visits to observe delivery, samples and moderates student assessments carried out by the External Verifier.
  • The operation of a Quality Panel that meets quarterly to review the quality process, review customer feedback and make recommendations for change.

 a) Selection and Accreditation of Organisations or Individuals:

Any organisation or individual wishing to deliver content on behalf of Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation) is subject to an approval process that comprises of:

  • An application form to capture general contact information
  • Review of the organisation’s ability and suitability to deliver the programs
  • Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding and Non-disclosure Agreement
  • Signature of a contract applicable to the service being delivered
  • In the case of Universities or Colleges, a site visit prior to accreditation

 b) Customer Feedback:

A process of feedback managed electronically by Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation) twice during the lifetime of the course with one instance when candidates have completed the course. Feedback results will be reviewed by the Quality Panel        when recommendations for improvements will be made.

 c) Accreditation Support:

Each licensee will be given quality indicators which have to be achieved in order to maintain

accreditation. A subject specialist External Verifier will be allocated to each establishment depending on the programs delivered. In addition to having a moderation role, the External Verifier will also act in an advisory capacity. External Verification visits will take place annually at a cost to the educational establishment as follows:

Daily rate plus associated travel costs

 d) Quality Panel:

The Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation) has a Quality Panel that operates at the highest level. It comprise of:

  • Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation) Quality Manager
  • Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation) Quality Audit
  • Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation) External Verifier for the particular subject area

The Quality Panel will meet quarterly to review quality issues. Key Performance Indicators will be examined for each establishment delivering Jasper International Academy (Jasper Global Corporation.

Next Steps:

To become a Jasper International Academy Approved Centre you can Apply Online or Email Us for more information.