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About Jasper International Academy Strategic and Business Partner Network! Why become a Jasper Strategic or Business Partner? We are rooted as a British educational academy where education is known internationally for its quality. Everyone to his trade and beside the management of learning, the context of ‘business excellence’ is still vast. This is why Jasper Global Corporation™ works with strategic partners, each recognized experts in their field.. Jasper International Academy prides itself in providing accessibility to quality education in both the classroom and using the most up to date e-learning technology. The Academy is part of Jasper Global Corporation™ and operates worldwide through two main delivery models, Classroom and a Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) which can be used as a blended classroom including virtual delivery or even 100% online.

Academy Approved Partner Network

Jasper International Academy Strategic Partner Network

Jasper International Academy is historically a British organization; part of the parent company Jasper Global Corporation (JGC)  with strategic offices in London UK and operating worldwide through a number of global offices and partners which includes in the group Jasper Global Corporation London, Jasper International Middle East and North Africa [Dubai] UAE, Jasper Associates Limited [Nottingham] UK, Jasper International South Asia [Colombo] Sri Lanka, Jasper International East Asia [Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District (CBD)] Hong Kong, Jasper International Academy [London] UK, Jasper International Consulting [London] UK. We operate in some of the largest global operating sectors, Oil, and Petrochemicals, Gas and Energy, Vocational and Higher Education, Health and Care, Banking, Securities and Investment, Cyber and Economic Crime Prevention Skills, Management, Leadership and Business Enterprise Skills, Food Beverage Hospitality and Tourism and more providing training and business consultancy services across a wide range of subjects.

What is a Jasper International Academy Strategic Partner Network?

The Jasper International Academy Strategic Partner Network is made up of dynamic locally based organizations that wish to be associated with an established educational provider in order to expand their range of services, training programmes and qualifications. The relationship is mutually beneficial while each organization retains their unique identity and culture.

How does it work?

Each relationship commences with exploratory discussions to establish whether there is synergy between the organizations and an initial pooling of ideas on how the relationship might best work. This is followed by signing of a Non-disclosure agreement that protects both parties’ intellectual capital and then a joint Strategic Memorandum of Understanding is formulated detailing how the relationship will work and what it will cover. This is a mutually agreed document that benefits both parties and depends on the services being offered or delivered.

What does Jasper International Academy offer a potential partner?

  • A dynamic and progressive working partnership based on trust and mutual benefit.
  • Access to qualifications and courses that can be delivered in the classroom or via a Virtual Learning platform. Both models can offer fully validated single courses or qualifications which are formulated using the European Qualifications Framework that can be accredited locally in a partner country. The partner can be approved for Classroom delivery or Virtual delivery or both.
  • Qualification Authority Approval is always at the forefront of our mind, we have designed our courses and qualification so that they can gain local approval in most countries.
  • Classroom Delivery: Jasper International Academy has a portfolio of short courses and longer unit based qualification courses that are delivered face to face although some of the qualifications require independent study and submission of assignments for assessment purposes. The tutors are actual practitioners highly experienced in their fields of expertise, not only training in their specialist subjects, but also having the work experience in that area to ensure that the content is up to date, realistic and grounded in reality rather than simulation.
  • Virtual Learning Platform: In addition to our classroom taught programmes we have our VLA, a learning platform that can host a wide range of business courses that can be made available to students, any time of the day or night and at a pace to suit them. Our platform is provided free of charge to our partners, only charging for courses, assessment and certification if required. We can also help you with curriculum design and can source the courses on your behalf.
  • Qualifications that are developed usingThe European Qualifications Framework (EQF) acts as a translation device to make national qualifications more readable across Europe and other International Countries who adopt a similar model, promoting workers’ and learners’ mobility between countries and boarders and facilitating their lifelong learning requirements. The EQF aims to relate different countries’ not just European national qualifications systems to a common European reference framework. Individuals and employers are able to use the EQF to better understand and compare the qualification levels of different countries and different education and training systems. Since 2012, all new qualifications issued in Europe carry a reference to an appropriate EQF level. The EQF also has a strong parity with other international qualification frameworks outside of Europe (28 countries use the EQF in Europe). As a consequence students have cross-boarder and international qualification currency, there is no point in having a qualification that is only recognized in one country or jurisdiction and which does not adopt a CAT (Credit Accumulation and Transfer) system on an international basis.
  • A wide range of business sectors that include: Oil, Petrochemicals, Gas and Energy, Health and Care, Education (Higher and Vocational), Finance, Investment Securities and Economic Development, Food, Beverage, Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality, Defence and Military, and Cyber Security Defence and Economic Crime. Also included are other short duration qualifications in Leadership, Management and Business Enterprise Skills.
  • Professionally operated specialties providing specialist subjects including: English Language and Translation Skills, Leadership, Management and Business Enterprise Skills Centre, The Centre for Cyber Security Defence and Economic Crime, Centre for Investment Securities and Economic Development Skills.
  • Quality approved learning content: Both technically and meets stringent design standards and EQF requirements in measuring learning outcomes. The platform uses a Module and Unitized approach so each 2 / 3 / 4 hour course unit will stand on its own certified by Jasper International Academy or as part of a wider qualification or learning credit accumulation system.

Partnership Categories:

There are two Partnership categories giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your business model.

Strategic Partner:

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Strategic Partners will benefit from the following:
  • Growing with us to become part of an outstanding world class global network of businesses and learning organizations.
  • Benefit from the expertise of an international educational services provider that includes course design and delivery, curriculum design and consultancy.
  • Licence to operate and represent Jasper International Academy in a generous geographical area including regions or countries.
  • Formal agreements in place to protect both organizations
  • Work to the mutual benefit of each party selling and having access to each others products and services.
  • Benefit from joint projects sharing the profit
  • Full access to Jasper International Academy Virtual Learning platform free of charge – courses are charged separately
  • Licence to recruit Business Partners in the region or country in order to expand the business, subject to the approval of Jasper International Academy.

Business Partner:

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Business Partners will benefit from the following:
  • Growing with us by being affiliated directly to Jasper International Academy or to our Strategic Partner in your region or country if one has been appointed. This will make you part of an outstanding world class global network of businesses and learning organizations.
  • Formal agreements in place to provide protection for your business.
  • Benefit from the expertise of an international educational services provider that includes course design and delivery, curriculum design and consultancy.
  • The opportunity to expand your business by re-selling Jasper International Academy Courses and qualifications.
  • Access to the Jasper Virtual Learning platform to provide professionally managed e-learning.
  • The potential to move from Business Partner status to Strategic Partner status

The Jasper International Academy will provide you with:

  • The support of a trusted brand that has over 10 years’ experience of delivering educational services globally.
  • Expertise and products to enable you to expand your offer with quality market-leading products and services
  • Real added value to your customers; helping businesses to become more effective, efficient, and enabling learners to realize their career aspirations.
  • Marketing and branding support to help promote the services.
  • Academy Approved Partner logo, web banners and templates for e-shots, collateral and signage.
  • Potential access to global markets in which Jasper International Academy operates on a joint project basis.

Next Steps:

You can become a member of Jasper International Academy’s Approved Partner Network “Approved Partner”:

By signing up to one or more of the following programmes.

Do you want to provide only Virtual “E” Learning?

More About Jasper International Virtual “E” Learning Academy Approved Partners:

With a combination of your local market expertise, our extensive virtual “E” learning know-how and resources, and a rewarding partner programme, you will be well positioned to maximize your growth potential.

You will Benefit from the Jasper International Learning Academy Approved Partner Network By:

  • tapping into the huge market opportunities presented through virtual and “E” learning
  • expanding your existing offer with quality market-leading products and services
  • adding real value to your customers; helping businesses to become more effective, efficient, and enabling learners to realize their career aspirations
  • getting unbeatable support from a trusted brand.
  • the term virtual represents the ever improving technology and pedagogy advances around how learning is changing when connected with neuroscience and how in the future it will move from “E” to “V” learning

The Jasper International Learning Academy Approved Partner Network:

We will provide an unbeatable dedicated partner support service and we are committed to:

  • helping you get up and running to provide a quality service quickly
  • working with you to create the optimal experience for your learners
  • actively developing and maintaining a personal relationship with you, and supporting you to achieve long-term success
  • providing marketing and branding support to help promote the services you are engaging with including an official Jasper International Virtual Learning Start Up Package
  • Academy Approved Partner logo, web banners and templates for e-shots, collateral and signage.

Using Advanced Learning Architecture, like speed reading, speed learning utilizes techniques to speed up the assimilation and accommodation of information processes. Our courses are constructed to speed up the learning process. The world in which the learner needs to operate does not approach things in the form of different subjects, but as a complex myriad of facts, problems, dimensions, and perceptions.

Research Study by US Department of Education

A major research study by the US Department of Education in 2009 concluded that, on average, learners using e-learning performed better than those receiving just face-to-face instruction. | Report |

Visit Our Jasper Virtual “E” Learning Academy Approved Partner Network Global Hubs:

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