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The Jasper International Academy Strategic Approved Partner Network is made up of dynamic locally based organisations that wish to be associated with an established education provider in order to expand their range of services, training programmes and qualifications. The relationship is mutually beneficial while each organisation retains its unique identity and culture.

About Jasper International Academy Strategic Partner Network! Why become a Jasper Strategic Partner? Education is a valuable commodity in any culture. Education is not only about university or higher education, upskilling in the global vocational sector to further career aspirations and company profitability is equally important. This is why Jasper Global Corporation™ works with strategic partners internationally, all of whom are experts in their field, to provide another dimension to a that partner’s business.  Jasper International Academy, the educational arm of Jasper Global Corporation (JGC),  prides itself on working collaboratively and transparently to mutually benefit both parties.

Jasper International Academy Approved Partner Network

Jasper International Academy operates worldwide through a number of global offices and partners which includes in the group:

Jasper Global Corporation HQ, Jasper Global Corporation UK, Jasper International Academy Middle East and North Africa [Dubai] UAE, Jasper International Academy UK, and Jasper International Consulting UK.

We operate in some of the largest global operating sectors: Oil, Petrochemicals, Gas and Energy, Health and Care, Education (Higher and Vocational), Banking, Finance, Investment Securities and Economic Development, Food, Beverage, Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality, Defence and Military, and Cyber Security Defence including Economic Crime Prevention and more providing training and business consultancy services across a wide range of subjects.

We deliver courses in a multitude of different ways:

  • Virtual Classrooms.
  • E-Learning
  • Webinars
  • Face to Face
  • Blended Learning (a combination of all or some)

What is the Jasper International Academy Approved Partner Network?

We jointly brand the delivery of all projects representing a true strategic partnership approach by adopting a practical view as to who the contracting party with clients will be for partner originated projects and also within Jasper originated project tendering. We do not sub-contract or provide our courses or experts to just include in your own tenders RFQ’s or add to your open course or an in-company portfolio, we also do not appoint distributors or agents. We only work through formalised strategic partnerships.

Jasper International Academy is a certificating body and your logo would appear on our certificates as a Strategic Partner. Our courses are all mapped to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) adopted by 27 countries as this allows considerable flexibility when mapping to local standards in other countries that require accreditation. This approach also controls and maintains the quality of our courses and the reputation of our brand.

We certificate all of our courses and offer a range of qualifications in a number of subject areas.

How does it work?

Each relationship commences with exploratory discussions to establish whether there is a synergy between the organisations and an initial pooling of ideas on how the relationship might best work. This is followed by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement that protects both parties’ intellectual capital, followed by a joint Strategic Memorandum of Understanding, which details how the relationship will work and what it will cover. This is a mutually agreed document that benefits both parties and depends on the services being offered or delivered.

What does Jasper International Academy Approved Network offer a potential partner?

  • A dynamic and progressive working partnership based on trust and mutual benefit.
  • Access to qualifications and courses that can be delivered in the classroom or via webinar. We offer fully validated single courses or qualifications which are formulated using the European Qualifications Framework that can be accredited locally in a partner country.
  • Qualification Authority Approval is always at the forefront of our mind, we have designed our courses and qualification so that they can gain local approval in most countries.
  • Classroom Delivery: Jasper International Academy has a portfolio of short courses and longer unit based qualification courses that are delivered face to face. Some of the qualifications, however, require independent study and submission of assignments for assessment purposes. The tutors are practitioners highly experienced in their fields of expertise, not only training in their specialist subjects, but also having extensive work experience in that area to ensure that the content is up to date, realistic and grounded in reality rather than simulation.
  • E-Learning Delivery: Whether you need new skills to sell more, take better care of your customers, gain confidence on the computer, work safely or become a stronger leader, our online courses for business performance or personal development are designed to do just that. You’re just a few clicks away from engaging and effective e-learning courses.
  • Webinar Delivery: Access to a wide selection of quality technical content. Webinars give you the chance to demonstrate and showcase your brand and product to a targeted, live audience. You can also engage them, gather feedback and answer all their questions on the spot.
  • Qualifications that are developed using “The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) which acts as a translation device to make national qualifications more readable across Europe and other countries who adopt a similar model. This promotes workers’ and learners’ mobility between countries and borders, facilitating their lifelong learning requirements. *
  • A wide range of business sectors that include: Oil, Petrochemicals, Gas and Energy, Health and Care, Education (Higher and Vocational), Finance, Banking, Investment Securities and Economic Development, Food, Beverage, Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality, Defence and Military, and Cyber Security Defence and Economic Crime. Also included are other short duration qualifications in Leadership, Management and Business Enterprise.
  • Professionally operated specialities providing specialist subjects including English Language and Translation Skills, Leadership, Management and Business Enterprise, Cyber Security Defence and Economic Crime, Investment Securities and Economic Development.
  • Quality approved learning content: Our content is technically robust, up to date and meets the stringent design standards required by the EQF in measuring learning outcomes. The certificates provided by Jasper International Academy are part of a wider qualification learning credit accumulation system. We unitise and modularise our courses.
The EQF aims to relate different countries’, not just European national qualifications systems, to a common European reference framework. Individuals and employers are able to use the EQF to better understand and compare the qualification levels of different countries and different education and training systems. Since 2012, all new qualifications issued in Europe carry a reference to an appropriate EQF level. The EQF also has a strong parity with other international qualification frameworks outside of Europe (27 countries use the EQF in Europe). As a consequence students have cross-border and international qualification currency, there is no point in having a qualification that is only recognised in one country or jurisdiction and which does not adopt a CAT (Credit Accumulation and Transfer) system on an international basis.

Strategic Partners will Benefit from the Following:

  • Growing with us to become part of an outstanding world-class global network of businesses and learning organizations
  • Benefit from the expertise of an international educational services provider that includes course design and delivery, curriculum design and consultancy
  • Licence to operate and represent Jasper International Academy in a generous geographical area including regions or countries
  • Formal agreements in place to protect both organisations
  • Work to the mutual benefit of each party selling and having access to each other’s products and services
  • Benefit from joint projects sharing the profit
  • Expanding your existing offer with quality market-leading products and services
  • Adding real value to your customers; helping businesses to become more effective, efficient, and enabling learners to realize their career aspirations
  • Benefiting from unbeatable support from a trusted brand.

The Jasper International Academy Approved Partner Network will provide you with:

  • The support of a trusted brand that has over 10 years’ experience of delivering educational services globally
  • Expertise and products to enable you to expand your offer with quality market-leading products and services
  • Real added value to your customers; helping businesses to become more effective, efficient, and enabling learners to realise their career aspirations
  • Marketing and branding support to help promote the services
  • Academy Approved Partner logo, web banners and templates for e-shots, collateral and signage
  • Potential access to global markets in which Jasper International Academy operates on a joint project basis
  • Actively develop and maintain a personal relationship with you, and supporting you to achieve long-term success
  • Provide marketing and branding support to help promote the services you are engaging with including an official Jasper International Virtual Learning Start-Up Package
  • Academy Approved Partner logo, web banners and templates for e-shots, collateral and signage

Next Steps:

You can become a member of Jasper International Academy’s exclusive partner network by signing up as a Strategic Partner and watch your business grow!

In return, we will provide an unbeatable dedicated partner support service as part of our commitment to you.

Contact us using the contact form link Email Us above to find out how to become a Strategic Partner today!

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With a combination of your local market expertise, our extensive learning know-how and resources, and a rewarding partner programme, you will be well-positioned to maximize your growth potential. Let us go on this journey together.


Jasper International Academy Approved Partner Network

Jasper International Academy Strategic Partner Network

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Jasper International Academy Strategic Partner Network

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